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    Hot tapping and shut-off technology

Gas hot tapping and gas shut-off technology

As a specialist for gas hot tapping technology and gas shut-off technology, we also manufacture individual solutions. These include complete system solutions, but also everyday customised products for special requirements.

Almost all products such as tapping and drilling equipment, shut-off and manual injection equipment as well as house connection technology are manufactured by us. This enables us to guarantee very high quality. In this way, we maintain the highest safety standards even for individually manufactured solutions. This not only guarantees a genuine “Made in Germany”, but above all enables a modular production structure with a high degree of individual refinement.

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Hot tapping and stopping devices

Hot tapping and stopple devices

All Städtler+Beck hit tapping and stopple devices enable leak-free tapping and shut-off of operating gas and oil pipelines.

Our devices have the following advantages:

You save cash and space because you can use one tapping device to tap all nominal sizes from 1″ to 6″ up to an operating pressure of 16 bar. In addition, the operating costs can be significantly reduced because our tapping devices have a specially designed power transmission with spring pretensioning.

Here, the drill rod is driven continuously, shock-free and evenly by pre-tensioning, even at high speeds. This enables the use of low-cost saw-blade cutters, reduces wear, ensures a long service life and maximum availability of the equipment.

Compared to other devices, a time saving of up to 50% is achieved. Due to the spring-loaded feed, tapping can also be carried out quickly and easily by hand. To make the tapping devices particularly durable, all parts are surface-treated and delivered from the factory with a long-lasting protective coating against corrosion.

Flow stop bag-positioning devices

The flow stop bag-positioning devices from Städtler+Beck are used for the gas-free, temporary blocking of gas-carrying lines in accordance with DGUV 100-500 Chapter 2.31.

MDA flow stop bag-setting devices can also be used in the sewer / sewage sector, local and district heating sector or in the chemical industry. Safety, durability, quality and ease of operation are the focus of our design and manufacturing.

The functions and advantages of our flow stop bag-setting technology

  • All MDA flow stop bag-setting units are DVGW-certified and thus ensure a maximum of safety.
  • When using double bags, both bags are set one behind the other against the direction of flow; this redundancy further increases safety and makes setting and pulling the flow stop bag easier due to the space saved in the setting tube.
  • Each bag is supplied separately and can function as a pressure or vapour bag, which means that the line is always safely shut off
  • A prepressure measurement as well as an interspace deearation can easily be carried out on the units
  • The working area or the resulting excavation can be kept as small as possible, as both bags are placed away from the away from the working area
  • The gas lock allows the working area to be depressurised, purged or regasified in accordance with the regulations.
  • The flow stop bags cannot be knocked over or torn off during the locking process.
  • Compared to other devices, a time saving of up to 50% is achieved.
  • Due to the spring-loaded feed, tapping can also be carried out quickly and easily by hand.
  • To make the tapping devices particularly durable, all parts are surface-treated and delivered from the factory with a long-lasting protective coating against corrosion.
Blasensetztechnik von Staedtler + Beck

MDA 1 bar - Multi-dimension gas shut-off bag

MDA 1 bar – Multi-dimension gas shut-off bag

Compared to conventional test and shut-off bags (fabric bags), the MDA setting bags offer significant advantages in application:

  • excellent gas sealing due to a special rubber compound
  • absolutely tight fit of the bags in the pipe
  • extreme resistance
  • highest flexibility and bendability due to conical design
  • resistance to temperature, oil and chemicals
  • MDA-setting bags are designed for a line pressure of up to 1bar
  • perfect compatibility with the S+B flow stop bag-setting device, as well as with almost all flow stop bag-setting devices available on the market
  • tested by a wide range of municipal utilities, which confirm their reliability

Due to their temperature / heat resistance and their oil / chemical resistance, the MDA shut-off bags are particularly suitable for testing / shutting off:

  • District heating pipelines (on request)
  • Pipelines in the chemical industry (on request)
  • Biogas pipelines (on request)

The MDA shut-off bags are available as single bags with and without upstream pressure measurement and as double bags with interspace deaeration. In addition, all units are adapted to your application and tailored exactly to your requirements from the extensive range of accessories. We will be happy to advise you on your selection and help you solve your task in the best possible way.

Hand-operated flow stop bags

Hand-operated flow stop bags are suitable for use under controlled gas discharge and are indispensable for “non-plannable” work according to DGUV 100-500 chapter 2.31 with increased risk.

Städtler+Beck has a large number of variants of hand-operated flow stop bags to provide you with the right product for every task. The bags are available in a size range from DN 40 to DN 2000. In addition, a wide variety of outer casings can always be selected to suit your requirements, e.g.:

  • fire-resistant sleeves, for blocking pipes during welding work
  • chemical resistant sleeves
  • high pressure jackets

In addition, all hand-operated flow stop bags are available with a wide range of equipment options, e.g:

  • rigid or flexible rods
  • different test heads
  • with and without rubber stoppers
  • single and double bladders
  • all commercially available connections
  • with and without shut-off device

If you do not find what you are looking for or if you require a special size, we will be pleased to offer you a quick and uncomplicated solution on request.

Service-line lock systems by Städtler + Beck

Service-line lock systems

Service line glove lock

The service line glove sluice is suitable for replacing the main shut-off device from 1″ to 3″ and fittings on gas lines of the house installation that are in operation. Precise service-line lock systems from Städter + Beck that you can rely on!

Pipe plugs

Pipe plugs are used for the temporary shut-off of pipelines and are characterised by simple operability and are very robust. They can also be used to carry out leak tests in accordance with DIN EN 1610 quickly and easily.

All pipe plugs are corrosion-resistant. They are available in a wide variety of designs, such as:

  • with mechanical or pneumatic actuation
  • in separate high-pressure versions
  • with and without passage
  • with chemical-resistant sealing elements
  • with one or more sealing elements
  • with various clamping screw connections
  • with all commercially available connections
  • with a push-off plate

Individual solutions are available on customer request.

When using pipe plugs, please always ensure that the temporary shut-off measure is secured in accordance with the regulations or pipe plugs must always be secured with stable shoring.

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