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Flow stop bag-positioning devices

Flow stop bag-positioning devices for blocking of gas-carrying lines

The bag-setting technology from Städtler+Beck is used for gas-free, temporary blocking of gas-carrying pipelines in accordance with DGUV 100-500 Chapter 2.31. MDA bag setting devices can also be used in the water sector, local and district heating sector or in the chemical industry. Safety, durability, quality and ease of operation are the focus of our design and manufacturing.

Functions and advantages of our bag-setting technology

All MDA bag-setting units are DVGW-certified and thus ensure the highest degree of safety.

  • When using double flow stop bags, both bags are set one behind the other against the direction of flow; this redundancy further increases safety and makes setting and pulling the bag easier due to the space saved in the setting tube.
  • Each flow-stop bag is supplied separately and can function as a pressure or vapour bag, which means that the line is always safely shut off.
  • A pre-pressure measurement as well as an interspace deaeration can easily be carried out on the units.
  • The working area or the resulting excavation can be kept as small as possible, as both bags are placed away from the away from the working area.
  • The gas lock allows the working area to be depressurised, purged or re-gasified in accordance with the regulations.
  • The flow-stop bags cannot be turned over or torn off during the blocking process.

Flow stop bag-positioning devices

Double flow stop bag-setting device DN 80 to 300 with interstitial venting

“If gas lines with nominal diameters >DN 150 and / or operating pressures >30mbar are to be shut off, BGR500 requires the use of two flow-stop bags each with additional interstitial venting”.

The double bag-setting device and the associated MDA bladders or fabric bags are used for the temporary shut-off of gas pipes and all have a DVGW certificate. With this device, two shut-off bags of size DN 80 to DN 300 are inserted one behind the other into the pipeline and operated.

Advantages of the double bag-setting technology:

  • You only need two devices in contrast to the conventional setting of four individual flow stop-bags.
  • Setting the bags against the pipeline pressure saves up to one metre of excavation in each case.
  • The bags cannot be torn off or knocked over during the blocking process.
  • Each flow stop bag-setter has separate connections for filling the bags, intermediate venting and pre-pressure measurement.
  • It is possible to work in accordance with the regulations (gassing, inerting, purging) without having to depressurise a bag.
  • The instantaneous pressure in the gas line can be measured at any time
  • The creeping gas of the pressure bag can be safely discharged from the construction site

Gas lock for TV push cameras – first TV inspection and then excavation!

The TV gas lock enables the insertion of a push camera for TV inspection of a gas-carrying pipe without gas leakage from 0 to 6 bar pressure. The sliding camera can be pushed continuously and as far as desired over the sluice into the pipe to be inspected. A new and patented procedure enables the necessary gas-free and flexible movement of the camera.

For example, the condition of a gas-carrying pipe can be checked if gas bubbles “burst away” or are destroyed in the pipe during a shut-off measure. Pipe connections can also be inspected, especially if the material of the pipe is changed. However, the camera lock system can also be used to record collection devices, gate valves and other installations.

In the case of water (pressure pipe) lines, a camera can also be used to determine much more economically whether, for example, a gate valve is still closing properly.

The TV gas lock system is available for various camera heads, and corresponding adapters make the system compatible with most camera manufacturers. The use of the TV gas lock system is guaranteed up to 1 bar operating pressure in the standard version and is usually limited by the pressure load capacity of the camera head used.

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