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Sewage pipeline technology

Städtler + Beck
 is known worldwide as a leading specialist when it comes to sewer / sewage pipe and gas pipe stop-off technology. We consider ourselves as system providers and develop individually designed solutions.

Our skills are not limited to larger projects. Due to our manufacturing depth of nearly 100%, we not only guarantee Made in Germany all the way through, but also offer a modular manufacturing structure, which allows highly individual products.

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German TÜV Süd Certification Label

Pipe joint tester

Pipe joint tester are used to check the leakage of pipes and channels and further all interfaces of pipe systems. The testing of entire sections
or complete systems needs a high quantity of materials and manpower. To reduce the effort it is useful to check each interface itself.
This saves time as you don’t need huge shut-off units and you don’t have to fill large testing areas. Furthermore, you get an exact and
immediate result about the leakage on every interface.

The company “Städtler+Beck” manufactures such joint testing devices and has experience in designing and planning of these equipment
and its application for over 40 years. Our product range covers standardly all common materials and forms and further, we can customize
a suitable device for your individual purpose.

On request, we accompany your entire project, add consulting expertise and/or supervise the construction site.

Service-line / house-connection (HC) test equipment

Leakage test set for HC-service line systems

With our leakage test set you do have everything what you need for leakage tests according to DIN 4033, EN 1610 and other type of
tests or a leakage search. This system is constructed for different ranges of pipe diameter and orderable in three different sizes covering
DN 90 to DN 300.

Because of the variable multi-size test bag s safe a lot of time and space. You can place and transport a whole test system easily and
compact in one transportation case.

The push bag is very robust and consequently especially durable. Furthermore, this is delivered with a safety-quick-release coupling to
allow a fast change and guarantee a secure grip to the push hose or to prevent an unintentional release during the push through in the
pipe. The push rod consists of a stable PA-pipe with an internal steel helix, which prevents kinking of the push hose.

Service-line / house-connection (HC) test equipment by Städtler + Beck
MDA double-bag test system for inspection and pipe-cleaning openings

MDA double-bag test system for inspection and pipe-cleaning openings

The MDA double-bag test system is used for leakage tests on service-lines/house connections from DN 50 to DN 300.

The special advantage of this system is usability on places which are difficult to access, for example inspection and pipe cleaning openings. In contrast to all other systems which fail in this situation the MDA double-bag test system is characterized by high flexibility
and easy bag-positioning.

Further features of this system are:

  • The test with air
  • Variable adaption to the service line, caused by uncomplicated plug connections of the flow-stop bags

Pipe plugs

Pipe plugs are used to stop pipe lines temporarily. They are characterized by a simple operability and they are very robust. It also allows
leak test according to DIN EN 1610 quickly and uncomplicated. All pipe plugs are corrosion resistant.

They are available in different versions, for example:

  • With mechanical or pneumatic actuation
  • In special high pressure versions
  • With or without passage
  • With chemical resistant sealing
  • With one or more sealing
  • With different tightening screws
  • With all commercial connections
  • With prop up plate

Individual solutions are available on request.

Please keep in mind, when you are using pipe plugs or a similar pipe stopping device, you have to secure the temporarily shut-off situation rule complaint with a stable support.

Sewer bags / Flow-stop bags

The production and sale of flow-stop bags, flow-stop bags with passage, test and bypass bags is one of the core competences of the
company Städtler+Beck. Our standard program includes the product spectrum of our partner, the company Sava from Slovenia.

Our product portfolio is complemented by our own productline which includes our manufacturing experience of many years. Special and
custom developments remain the basis of our successful corporate philosophy.

All products fulfill highest quality and safety standards. These include the processing of high-quality natural and synthetic rubber compound,
the reinforcement of the bags with a Rayon Kevlar fabric and the use of corrosion-resistant components such as fill couplings and

Pipe cleaning balls

Our pipe-cleaning balls (grinded foam ball, type HM, medium porous skin) are wear-resistant and reliable in operations like filling,
discharging, separating and drying of all kinds of pipes. They can be used for cleaning and removing of foreign bodies, soaking/wiping up
water or separating different media during the pipeline operation.

The diameter of the balls should be selected 10-20% larger as the internal diameter of the pipe (by medium strength in hardness).

Our pipe-cleaning balls are water-resistant due their material characteristics.

The cleaning balls are orderable in two grades of hardness, RG200 medium strength and RG300 hard.

Custom versions are available on request.

Pipe cleaning balls

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