• Hand-operated flow stop bags

    Indispensable for "unplannable" work

Hand-operated flow stop bags

Flow stop bags for use under controlled gas discharge

Hand-operated flow stop bags are suitable for use under controlled gas discharge and are indispensable for “unplannable” work according to DGUV 100-500 chapter 2.31 with increased risk.

Städtler+Beck has a large number of variants of hand-operated flow stop bags to provide you with the right product for every task. The flow stop bags are available in a size range from DN 40 to DN 2000. In addition, a wide variety of outer casings can always be selected to suit your requirements, e.g.:

  • fire-resistant sleeves, for blocking pipes during welding work
  • chemical resistant sleeves
  • high pressure jackets

In addition, all flow-stop bags are available with a wide range of equipment options, e.g:

  • rigid or flexible rods
  • different test heads
  • with and without rubber stoppers
  • single and double bags
  • all commercially available connections
  • with and without shut-off device

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you require a special size, we will be pleased to offer you a quick and uncomplicated solution on request.

Variants of hand-operated flow stop bags

  • Flow stop bags with conical rubber stopper
  • Flow stop bags with conical rubber stopper and pre-pressure measurement
  • Double flow stop bags with extra strong cover
  • Push flow stop bags
  • Double and single flow stop bags for forming gas welding

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