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Service-line lock systems

House connection equipment (HC)

Gas locks and gas shut-off bags for main shut-off units

House connection (HC) glove lock

Suitable for replacing main shut-off equipment from 1″ to 3″ and fittings on gas pipes in service in the domestic installation. HC-glove locks are used for gas-free changing of main shut-off units of service lines from 1” to 3” and armatures from in-use pipelines at the house connection lines.

Sluice for gas main taps

Gas locks are used for safe work on gas line, especially for changing main shut-off units on in-use gas lines. The gas lock for main shut-off units is equipped with a connection from 1” to 4” external thread, sideways ball valve and a stuffing box with hex. nut SW32 for the bag-hose.

HC gas shut-off bags

The HC gas bags are multi-dimensional bags that’s why it is possible to shut-off the diameter range from  ” to 2” pipelines with only two devices. In combination with the HC locks for HC bags it is possible to change a main shut-off unit for house connections without any gas leakage on an operating system according to the requirements of the BGR500.

The version with a short bag allow a gas-free changing of gas meters without shutting-off the entire building or later ventilation. The HC bags are supported by a thick walled PA-push rod with an included steel-helix as kink protection. The push rod diameter are 8, 10 and 12 mm. The stock length of all devices are 0,8 m. The maximum length is 10 m. You can choose Schrader or Dunlop valves for the intake of all versions of HC bags.

House connection technology Gas (HC)

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