Price list 2022 and availability


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In recent weeks, the armed conflict in Ukraine has once again significantly aggravated the situation for global supply chains, which has already been difficult since the start of the Covid pandemic. There are material shortages in many areas and delivery dates are being delayed despite the already extreme lead times.

The massive rise in energy costs is leading to further price increases in raw materials and transport costs. In order to ensure the best possible material availability for our customers in the current situation, we are unfortunately forced to unconditionally accept both current and upcoming price increases from our suppliers and forwarding agents in order to guarantee security of supply.

For these reasons, we can currently no longer guarantee any price commitments and must refer to a situation of force majeure. Our new price list 2022 (please request the price list here) applies to all deliveries from 25.04.2022 onwards.

We will continue to make every effort to meet promised delivery dates as best we can, or to notify you of postponements as soon as they become apparent.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that the situation will soon return to normal.

Price list 2022 and availability