Price adjustment 2023


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

thank you very much for the orders from your company that we were able to carry out for you in the past year 2022. We are always very pleased with our business relationship. The current situation in the energy crisis presents us all with the greatest challenges. Also the resulting price spiral is hitting the economy and the private sector. With some of our upstream suppliers, the electricity price has increased by a factor of 5 in some cases.

Due to the further increase in prices for the purchase of products and indirect requirements such as packaging and freight in thesecond half of the year, we are forced to adjust our prices, to adjust our prices.

From February 1, 2023, we will adjust the prices for all product groups by +5.2%.

We can still guarantee the previous prices until 31st January 2023, as long as the quantities are usual and the delivery of the goods can be realised in January 2023. We regret very much that we have to act in this way and we are aware that we are placing an additional burden onyou and your customers. Nevertheless, this adjustment is unavoidable in order to remain able to deliver for your company in the future.



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