Certified safety

  • Certified safety

Safety you can rely on.

Our systems and devices conform to all safety standards and regulations, in many cases even surpassing their requirements.

More than ever before, Städtler + Beck emphasizes on guaranteeing and ensuring the best possible application of our products and solutions on site.

Internal training programs as well as the presence at all relevant seminars and conferences are self-evident for all decision-making employees at Städtler + Beck.

As member of all leading industry associations, such as DVGW, DWA, FIGAWA, VDRK und IKT, we maintain the highest level of safety and technology for your benefit.

This means, you can always rely on technology, expertise, safety and service from Städtler + Beck.

DVGW Certifikation

The DVGW Cert GmbH is the leading European certification agency for companies in the gas and water industry and covers all certification processes relevant in this field. In close cooperation with test laboratories, all gas and water-related products as well as related manufacturing and service processes, quality management and environment protection systems are monitored according to DIN EN ISO 9000 and DIN EN ISO 14001. This guarantees both industry specific test and monitoring processes as well as tailor-made procedures.

Quality management for energy and water

With all test procedures, safety, hygiene and environment protection are at the centre of our activities. We work in compliance with the DVGW regulations as well as all nationally and internationally established standards and certification programs.

For customers and market partners, DVGW certification clearly indicates, that a product manufacturer, installation specialist, utility company or other expert works according to the very latest standards and employs state of the art technology.

As an example, all single bag positioning devices (optionally with pre-pressure measurement) or double bag positioning devices from Städtler + Beck carry the DVGW logo and reduce possibly dangerous situations during the work on gas carrying pipelines to a minimum.

Download the respective certificates awarded to Städtler + Beck as a PDF file (German versions):

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