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Perfect Systems and individual solutions “Made in Germany”

Städtler + Beck is a medium-sized craft enterprise with years of experience in development and manufacturing of Testing and Line Stopping Technology for Sewer- and Gas pipelines. As a traditional family business, we are proud to manufacture our products locally in Speyer by ourselves and improving these even further. Our customers from Germany and worldwide are convinced with these certificated products and services.

More than standard.

We do not claim to be the greatest, but provide consistently high quality with maximum safety. Orders are usually mounted exactly as required by hand. Because of our great number of practical experience and unbureaucratic ways we always find reasonable solutions that benefit everyone involved in a same-level partnership. Also in the growing international business, we remain true to our values and offer solid quality “Made in Germany”.

Partnership on a level playing field

As a responsible medium-sized company is an open and honest relationship is self-evident for us – whether with our employees or customers.

We do not promise more than we can keep. We stand by our social responsibilities as a training company and are committed to the city and region. Our employees are working preferably self-sufficient and responsibly. They invest their experience with heart and mind by manufacturing our products which are simple and innovative.

Founded: 1971
Employees: 28
Managing Directors: Michael Hausdorf, Jörg Haubrock
Location: Speyer

Innovation Award for Städtler + Beck

Numerous developments demonstrate the position of Städtler + Beck as an innovative company. Our superior expertise is the result of highly skilled employees who are trained at a regular basis to secure the continuously high quality standard of all our products and services.

In 2012, Städtler + Beck received the “Top 100” award as one of the most innovative medium-sized companies.

For the development of its stopper-testing device Komupp Städtler + Beckreceived the Innovation Award of the “Wirtschaftsförderung Rheinland-Pfalz”(promotion of the economy – Palatinate). We view this as a symbol of success and feel encouraged to continue our course of steady innovation and product development.

Proven know-how backed by practical experience

Fast, flexible and safe solutions

As partner in field of sewage testing and sealing technology, as well as pipe-drilling and stetting of stop-off bags, Städtler + Beck takes up the challenge to always develop new solutions and products in order to meet the increasing requirements of the market.

A long history of innovation and continuous improvement of application technology and efficiency are characteristic of Städtler + Beck. They are backed by uncompromising quality and superior customer service.

Our products and solutions are the result of practical experience derived from close contact with the users on site. They are marked by a high level of user friendliness, efficiency and safety.

Industrial centre with a strong infrastructure

For more than 30 years, Städtler + Beck is known for its expertise in the testing and sealing technology. At our headquarters in Speyer, Germany, we construct, produce and distribute a wide variety of solutions to meet all kinds of requirements and solve a wide range of problems of our customers.

Speyer is part of a quickly developing region, located where the river Neckar meets the Rhein. The picturesque city looks back to a long history and has developed into a thriving industrial centre, which benefits from the economic development of the region itself and the thriving European market.

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