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    Gas Hot tapping, Line stopping and bag positioning technology

Städtler + Beck is known worldwide as a leading specialist when it comes to the sewage and gas stop-off technology. We consider ourselves as system providers and develop individually designed solutions. Our skills are not limited to larger projects. Due to our manufacturing depth of nearly 100%, we not only guarantee Made in Germany all the way through, but also offer a modular manufacturing structure, which allows highly individual products.

Simply test us and find out for yourself.

Hot Tapping and Stopple Devices

All Städtler + Beck tapping and stopple devices allow a leaking-free drilling and line stopping of in-use gas and water pipes.

Our devices have the following advantages:

You save a lot money and space, because you can drill all nominal diameter of pipes up to an operating pressure of 16 bar with only
one tapping device.

In addition, the operating costs can be kept as low as possible, because of our special designed power transmission with spring
preload. During tapping the drill rod will forced continuously, shock-free and steadily even at high speeds. This allows the use of
economical hole saws, reduces tool wear, maximizes the tool life and the availability of your tapping device. In comparison to other
equipment time savings up to 50% can be achieved.
Due to the spring-biased feed the drillings can be carried out easily and quickly by hand.

To make the tapping unit extremely durable, all parts are delivered from factory with a technically surface treatment with a longlasting
protective coating against corrosion.

Bag-positioning Equipment

The bag-positioning technology from Städtler+Beck serves the gas-free and temporary blocking of gas pipes acc. DGUV Rule 100-500 chapter 2,31.

In addition, MDA bag-positioning equipment can be used in water and district heating pipelines or in the chemical industry. During
construction and manufacturing safety, durability, quality and ease of use has the highest priority.

The features and advantages of our bag-positioning technic are:

  • All MDA are certified by DVGW and ensure the highest safety
  • By the use of double-bags, both bags will be set against the flow direction, this redundancy increases the safety and the bag
    inserting will be facilitated by the space gain in the inserting pipe
  • Every bag will be supplied separately and can be used as main stopper or stopper for leaking gas, that is why the gas line is always
    blocked securely
  • Pre-pressure measurement and vent of the gap can be performed easily at the devices
  • The construction area or excavation can be kept as low as possible, because both bags are positioned in distance from the working
  • Through the gas lock a rule-compliant venting, flushing or re-gassing of the working area is possible
  • A turn back or pull off of gas bags during the line stop is not possible
Blasensetztechnik von Staedtler + Beck
MDA 1 bar – Mehrdimensions-Gas-Absperrblase  von Staädtler + Beck

MDA 1 bar –Multi-Diameter-Gas Bags

Compared with conventional test and line stopping bags have MDA gas bags essential advantages in the application:

  • Excellent gas seal because of a special rubber compound
  • An absolutely tight fit in the pipe
  • High flexibility and bend mobility due conical design
  • Temperature, oil and chemical resistance
  • MDA- gas bags are designed for an operation pressure up to 1 bar
  • Perfect compatibility with S+B bag-positioning devices and nearly all other bag-positioning devices at the market
  • Proven through the use of various public utility companies who confirm the reliability

Because of their temperature/heat and oil/chemical resistance, MDA bags are particularly suitable for stopping of:

  • District heating pipes
  • Pipelines in chemical industry (on request)
  • Biogas lines

MDA gas bags can be ordered as a single bag with or without pre-pressure measurement or as a double bag with gab venting.

In addition, all devices will be adapted to your application and equipped according to your wishes by an extensive range of accessories.
We will advise you on the selection and will support you to get your job perfectly done.

Manual flow-stop bags

Flow-Stop bags for manual release are used for line stopping with controlled gas-leakage and according to DGUV 100-500, chapter 2.31 flow-stop bags for manual release are indispensable for “unpredictable jobs” with increased danger.

Städtler+Beck has an extensive range of variants of flow-bags to get every task done with the right product. These bags are available in a
range from DN 40 to DN 2000. You can choose different covers for the bags to find the correct one according to your requirements. For

  • Fireproof covers, for stopping pipelines during weldment
  • Chemical resistant covers
  • High pressure covers

Furthermore all bags are available in different equipment possibilities, for example:

  • Inflexible or flexible rods/struts
  • Different pressure gauges
  • With or without rubber plugs
  • Single or double bags
  • With all commercial connections
  • With or without valves

If you are unable find the right one or you wish a special size, we offer you a fast and uncomplicated solution on your request.

Hausanschlusstechnik Gas von Städtler + Beck

House connection equipment (HC)

HC – Glove lock

HC-glove locks are used for gas-free changing of main shut-off units of service lines from 1” to 3” and armatures from in-use pipelines at
the house connection lines.


Pipe plugs

Pipe plugs are used to stop pipe lines temporarily. They are characterized by a simple operability and they are very robust. It also allows
leak test according to DIN EN 1610 quickly and uncomplicated. All pipe plugs are corrosion resistant.

They are available in different versions, for example:

  • With mechanical or pneumatic actuation
  • In special high pressure versions
  • With or without passage
  • With chemical resistant sealing
  • With one or more sealing
  • With different tightening screws
  • With all commercial connections
  • With prop up plate

Individual solutions are available on request.

Please keep in mind, when you are using pipe plugs or a similar pipe stopping device, you have to secure the temporarily shut-off situation rule complaint with a stable support.

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